Introducing Bay Transit Express

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Bay Transit Express is the Gloucester Courthouse area’s first-ever ride share service. Think of us like a minibus that comes when you want, where you want — give us your pickup and drop off addresses, and we’ll provide a few ride options. Choose the one that works best for you and we’ll send a driver your way.

Calling all Gloucester County Bay Transit Express Users!

If you would like to take a short survey about your experience with Bay Transit Express, please click here: Take Survey.  Bay Transit Express riders who complete this survey will receive four free rides on Bay Transit Express.  That’s an eight dollar value!  Important: In order to receive your free rides, please provide your contact information at the end of the survey. Thank you for providing feedback about your experience on Bay Transit Express.

Service hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Price: $1 per trip.

How to book a ride:

  1. Create an account.

Download the Bay Transit Express mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store and follow the simple signup steps.

  1. Book a ride.

Enter your pickup and dropoff addresses and choose the ride option that works for you.

  1. Meet your driver.

Check the app to find out exactly where to meet the vehicle, which may be a short walk from the address you gave us.

Two ways to pay:

  • Add your credit or debit card information to your account in the app.
  • Pay in cash on board. Exact change required.

Booking trips and viewing account information can be done here:

Bay Transit Express Portal

Questions? Get in touch:


Phone: 804-693-6977

Safety measures Bay Transit Express is taking to lessen COVID-19 exposure.

We’re working hard to ensure that every trip you take is as safe and worry-free as possible. Here is what we’ve put in place:

  • Wellness checks. In-app wellness checks help make sure passengers and drivers are symptom-free and ready to ride before they get going. Please stay home if you have either been diagnosed with COVID-19, think you’re exhibiting symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has recently tested positive.
  • Limited vehicle capacity. Vehicle capacity is limited in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Additionally, in vehicles with automatic doors, please wait for the driver to open and close the door to avoid touching the handles.

Regular vehicle cleaning. Vehicles are being professionally cleaned regularly and we’ve provided drivers with cleaning supplies in order to perform frequent and thorough wipedowns of the vehicle interior, with extra focus on common surfaces and high-contact areas. They’re also equipped with plastic partitions between drivers and riders.

Mask Mandate Update:

Effective immediately, Bay Transit passengers and drivers will no longer be required to wear a mask onboard the bus. Masks are optional, and Bay Transit will continue to support those passengers and drivers who wish to wear a mask. Bay Transit encourages all persons to wear masks while on the bus, especially older adults and individuals with compromised immune systems.

Thank you for riding Bay Transit.


Popular Destinations:

  1. Riverside Walter
  2. Reed Hospital
  3. Walmart
  4. Gloucester High School
  5. Urgent Care
  6. Kroger
  7. Walgreens
  8. Food Lion
  9. Gloucester Point
Exress Mobile App

Yes, simply call 804-693-6977 and we’ll assist you over the phone.

You can bring up to 8 additional passengers. Please note that each additional passenger costs $1.

Our tech pairs riders heading in the same direction, meaning passengers might be getting picked up and dropped off throughout your ride. In order to keep things moving as quickly and efficiently as possible, we usually ask you to meet us at a nearby corner instead of right outside the address you entered — that way, the driver doesn’t have to make any detours that could slow things down.

After you book a ride, the app will display your pickup spot — we’ll either give you the address or business name at your pickup spot to help you find it. Either way, there will always be a dotted line to show you how to get there!

If you cancel a ride, there’s no charge. However, please remember that Bay Transit Express is a community service and cancelling rides can impact other riders. If the driver cannot locate you after the 2-minute waiting period, you’ll be charged a no-show penalty of $1.

Re-book directly in your app, and then send an email explaining what happened to You won’t be charged for this ride.

All vehicles are branded with Bay Transit Express’ logo and colors, so they should be easy to spot.

Yes! Please let us know you need a WAV when you book your ride by tapping your profile picture or image at the top of the app menu and tapping the Wheelchair toggle to turn it on.


Once you start a ride, the destination cannot be changed. If you have not yet boarded the vehicle, you can cancel the ride and re-book with a new destination.



Yes. Tap the Favorites tab in the app menu, then tap Set Home Address or Set Work Address and type in the address of your preferred location.


Yes, this is very much encouraged! Feel free to fill out the feedback screen in the app after your ride.



Open the app and select Get Started. In the password box, select Forgot your password? and follow the prompts.

Please email us at with a description of the missing item.