Prepping the Site

Mid-June beginning of site preparations for construction.

Some trees had to be removed but all of them were mulched and recycled for landscaping and other uses, including making paper products at the mill in West Point.

The beginning of installing a proper construction entrance off of Fiddler Green Road.

Mulching and recycling trees that had to be removed for construction.

Excavating to install sanitary sewer line from Daffodil Garden apartment complex onto the Bay Transit property.

The Daffodil Garden residents were very patient during this phase of the construction as the sewer pipe was installed!!

Finally, sewer line completed and the site contractor regraded and seeded the lawn to return it to its original look.

Things are beginning to take shape. Poor construction soil is being removed and good sandy fill dirt is being brought in.

First week of July the building pad and parking areas are being prepared along with lots of other earthwork happening all over the site. This is all in preparation for pouring footings and the concrete slab for the building and also laying stone down in the parking areas before paving.

The site crew is installing the waterline and shut-off valves to bring water on site for the building.

Well driller on site third week in July to begin drilling 15 to 20 wells that will be used for Geothermal heating and cooling of the building Each well is being drilled to a depth of approximately 300 feet.

Sanitary sewer line is being installed across the job site up to the building pad area for installation when the slab is poured.

Filterra storm-water boxes installed for managing storm-water runoff and pollutants from the parking areas

First week of August the footings are being dug and reinforced steel installed in preparation to pour the concrete footings. The cages will provide foundational support to the steel columns that will support the main structure. These footings are actually what will become the West exterior wall of the building in the maintenance area.

The concrete crew busy at work laying out the footings for the maintenance area of the building.

Pour day!! The concrete footings are becoming a reality–between 35 to 40 yards of concrete were poured and that was just a beginning.

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